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Clogged Drain

For working in sinks, lavatories and tubs you want to use the cup plunger (seen above).
  • First, if this is a lavatory sink, seal the sink overflow outlet found at the top of the sink bowl. Use a piece of duct tape or a wet rag or washcloth stuffed into the holes.
  • If a kitchen sink or similar, remove the basket strainer.
  • If a lavatory sink, remove the drain stopper from the sink. Try lifting it out or turning and lifting.
  • Fill the sink bowl halfway with water.
  • Place the cup plunger over the drain hole and make sure it has a good seal against the sink surface.
  • Using quick, sharp plunges, attempt to clear the obstruction with the plunger and check for drainage.
  • Once cleared, remove the overflow outlet seal and replace the drain stopper or sink basket.
  • If the clog did not clear, please contact the Maintenance Department.
  • Water leaking from drain or faucet Contact the Maintenance Department. Immediately.